University Pathway

WESLI University Partnerships

Many of our students who come to study our Academic English course will go to university in the USA. WESLI also offers a clear Pathway Program for such students. In addition to the important skills of the coursework, a WESLI Letter of Recommendation is accepted as a substitute for a TOEFL score at over 40 universities and colleges. Many of these schools also offer conditional admissions.

1) University Conditional Admission*
Apply for university at the same time you apply to study at WESLI. After WESLI, you transfer directly to university, without taking a TOEFL or IELTS test. This pathway is for undergraduate and graduate level programs. WESLI university partners around the US specialize in Engineering, Business Administration, and Design. Our university partners include:

✓ The University of Wisconsin Universities & Colleges
✓ Milwaukee School of Engineering
✓ Marquette University
✓ Full Sail University
✓ Concordia University
✓ Edgewood College
✓ 30+ other higher learning institutions, including two-year colleges with pathways to larger universities.

2) Guaranteed Transfer Program
Study successfully at one of the 2-year University of Wisconsin Colleges & qualify
to transfer to one of the 4-year UW Universities for your final 2 years – receive your degree from that 4-year university.

This program is great for students who:
✓ Want more support in their transition to a larger university
✓ Do not have the academic background required
to attend a major university right away
✓ Want a more cost-effective option

3) Part-time University Classes
Study part-time at WESLI and part-time at university. Qualified WESLI students may receive university credit or experience university classes by studying part-time at the University of Wisconsin, Madison College (MATC), Edgewood College, Lakeland College, Herzing University, or Upper Iowa University.

*This is recommended for full-time (visa F-1) students from some countries.



  • Prices are per week
  • Tutoring can be added to any program