General English

Our General English program is ideal for all language learners wishing to improve the
foundations of their English language skills. On average, students will interact with
people from 8 different countries in each class, making this a great way to improve
conversational English skills.


This program covers…

✓ Grammar
✓ Reading
✓ Writing
✓ Listening
✓ Speaking
✓ Pronunciation
✓ Vocabulary

This course is designed for...
✓ Zero level or true beginning students
✓ Students at any level who wish to improve their
overall language skills

12 Start Dates
Levels from True Beginner to Advanced
Average Age 18-45
Lesson Length 110 minutes
4 to 20 total contact hours per week
10 hours additional structured practice
Classes are offered from 8:30 to 12:30

Program Options:

✓ Part-Time = Any combination of classes from 4 to 16 hours per week

✓ Standard = 20 hours of Core Classes each week


  • Prices are per week
  • Tutoring can be added to any program