Meet Friends, Learn from Great Teachers

WESLI is a good school, a good institute of English for anyone. The staff at WESLI are always available to listen to students who have any problem. The students enjoy themselves and learn more and more because every teacher is there to help them. Also, the classes are small which helps students to learn better and get to know other students. Teachers get to know every student and their individual English skills to work on.

There are free resources at WESLI such as the Writing Center and Conversation Hour. By using these resources, I see how much teachers care about students' success and how I’ve improved my English, too.

Outside school, my homestay family is very nice, and I’m not bored because we always have something to do. I enjoy talking with them every day. It helps Madison feel like home.

WESLI also organizes some activities, like a trip, to another town in Wisconsin to help students get together. It is very good because you can discover many new things. You can learn more about the culture, the life of American people, and more about WESLI students, too. I’m glad to be here because I am enjoying myself here.

-Brice, Burkina Faso, Level 400

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