What is a Wisconsinite?

The beautiful people who live in Wisconsin call themselves Wisconsinites. WESLI is located at the heart of downtown Madison--Wisconsin’s state capital. WESLI students quickly learn being a Wisconsinite is more than just a person who loves cheese.

Recently, a group of WESLI students went to a women’s volleyball game. Madison is home to one of the top universities in the world, the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The UW-Madison Volleyball team is known as the Badgers. WESLI students watched the Badgers defeat their opponent in an exciting match. The name of the mascot pictured below with two WESLI students is Bucky Badger. Bucky Badger is a symbol of school spirit and pride. He also represents what it means to be a Wisconsinite—the idea that you are part of a diverse family together as a whole.

During this WESLI activity, our students experienced what it means to be a Wisconsinite. They joined with thousands of individuals who all came together as one.

Through these types of connections and shared experiences, WESLI students discover not only who they are, but also what it means to be a Wisconsinite.

Join us for our next activity! Click here for WESLI's activity calendar and look at a couple of pictures from the game below!screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-3-37-54-pm




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