ALS 500 & 600 ELL #2 (Spring 1)

Welcome to ALS 500 & 600! You are in the right place if you are looking for your extensive listening opportunities. If you are not an ALS 500 or 600 student that’s ok – you can still attend these events if you would like. If you are an ALS 500 or 600 student, you need to attend one of the events from the list below. After you attend one of these events, write a brief summary and reaction – you can ask your teacher if you have any questions about this. This is the SECOND Extensive Listening Log opportunity of the session – make sure you talk to your teacher about when your ELL is due.

1) Wednesday Nite @ The Lab, Film: "Particle Fever"

Catch the documentary that goes behind the scenes in Geneva! Follow the quest to fire up CERN's Large Hadron Collider and, ultimately, detect the Higgs Boson. Co-hosted by the Wisconsin Particle Astrophysics Center.

When: Wednesday, January 21st @ 7pm

Location: Marquee Theater, Union South

2) Gender & Women's Studies Colloquium: Distinguished Faculty Lecture Series

Ellen Samuels, Department of Gender & Women’s Studies and English
"Crip Time: Undoing the Normative Future"

When: Thursday, January 22nd @ 3:30pm

Location: Room 3401 Sterling Hall

3) TOPICS: Taking on Possibilities in Campus Sustainability Behind the Scenes of Campus Recycling

When: Friday, January 23rd @ 2pm

Location: The Marquess, Union South

4) Institute for Research on Poverty Public Lecture: On the Run: Fugitive Life in an American City

Alice Goffman, Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Wisconsin–Madison, will present this public lecture on her recently published book “On the Run: Fugitive Life in an American City.” Presented in partnership with: Institute for Legal Studies, Department of Sociology, and Department of Geography.

When: Friday, January 23rd @ 3:30pm

Location: Room 1255 H.F. DeLuca Forum, Discovery Building

5) SoundWaves:The Eras of Our Ways: Reflections on Time Periods Past and Present

We look at our past in chunks rather than as a continuous flow. But what defines an era? And what can we learn from eras of the past? Join UW–Madison scholars Craig Atwood, Leonora Neville, Thomas Broman, Ellen Zweibel, Mimmi Fulmer and Daniel Grabois as they explore eras. Registration requested.

When: Friday, January 23rd @ 7pm

Location: Town Center, Discovery Building

6) DIY Science: Astrobiology

The search for life in space involves scientists of all stripes—biologists, physicists, astronomers, chemists…and geologists? NASA-funded UW–Madison geoscientists use Earth’s rock and fossil record to shape the search for life in our solar system and beyond. Explore the possibilities!

When: Friday, January 23rd @ 7pm

Location: Teaching Lab, Discovery Building

Cost: $12/person, $40/group of four (Click here to register)

7) Arboretum Walk: Winter Wonders

Free naturalist-led hike. Even when the ground is frozen and the air is cold, beauty and activity abound in the natural world.

When: Sunday, January 25th @ 1pm

Location: Visitor Center, UW-Madison Arboretum

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