ALS 500 & 600 ELL #5 (Summer 2)

Welcome to ALS 500 & 600! You are in the right place if you are looking for your extensive listening opportunities. If you are not an ALS 500 or 600 student that’s ok – you can still attend these events if you would like. If you are an ALS 500 or 600 student, you need to attend one of the events from the list below. After you attend one of these events, write a brief summary and reaction – you can ask your teacher if you have any questions about this. This is the FIFTH Extensive Listening Log opportunity of the session – make sure you talk to your teacher about when your ELL is due. Most ELLs are due next Thursday, AUGUST 7th.

1) Town Center Tour

The guided tour lasts approximately 45 minutes and covers the Town Center of the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery. The tour is free and open to the public, and no reservation is required. Please meet at the welcome desk on the first floor.

When: Saturday, August 2ns @ 11am

Location: Town Center, Discovery Building

2) Historic Architecture Tours

Explore Madison’s historic neighborhoods, commercial districts, and the UW’s traditional campus with experienced and enthusiastic docents. Our tours have become a highlight for visitors and residents who want a deeper look at Madison’s cultural,architectural, and development history.

When & Where: Click here for the schedule of tours.

Costs: Tours are $10 for adults, $5 for students (Bring your WESLI ID)

3) Saturday Science @ Discovery: Wade into Water

Explore the many roles water plays in our lives. Learn why water is essential to life on Earth; investigate limnology, the study of inland waters like our local lakes; explore the economics of water; observe the water cycle; and more!

When: Saturday, August 2nd @ 10am

Location: Town Center, Discovery Building

4) WESLI Documentary Showing

When: Tuesday, August 5gh @ 1pm and 3pm

Location: Room 102

5) Wednesday Nite @ the Lab

The Keystone XL Pipeline: Analysis in Context of Climate Change & Public Policy

When: Wednesday, August 6th @ 7pm

Location: Room 1111 Genetics-Biotechnology Center Building



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