ALS 500 & 600 ELL #1 (Summer 2)

Welcome to ALS 500 & 600! You are in the right place if you are looking for your extensive listening opportunities. If you are not an ALS 500 or 600 student that’s ok – you can still attend these events if you would like. If you are an ALS 500 or 600 student, you need to attend one of the events from the list below. After you attend one of these events, write a brief summary and reaction – you can ask your teacher if you have any questions about this. This is the FIRST Extensive Listening Log opportunity of the session – make sure you talk to your teacher about when your ELL is due. Most ELLs are due next Thursday, JULY 10th.

1) Summer Cinematheque @ the Chazen Art Museum

Join this week's video at The Chazen Art Museum.  The title of the film is Breaking Away.

Sinopsis: One of the best films of the 1970s centers around a quartet of young working class friends living in the shadow of the Indiana University in Bloomington, the school that their stone cutter fathers help to build. Steve Tesich’s heartfelt screenplay won an Academy Award.

When: Thursday, July 3rd @ 7pm

Location: Chazen Museum of Art

2) Science is Fun! @ the Memorial Union Terrace

The master of chemical demonstrations and science policy advocate, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Chemistry Professor Bassam Z. Shakhashiri, shares the fun of science through home science activities,
public presentations, scholarship, and other programs of the Wisconsin Initiative for Science Literacy.

For more information, check out their website

When: Friday, July 4th @ 8:15pm

Location: Memorial Union

3) Saturday Science at Discovery: Time Machine Earth

Investigate the science of the past, present and future! Explore past events, from the extinction of the dinosaurs to the major geological changes that took place on our planet; learn about the present Earth; and discover how changes like climate change or invasive species can affect our future.

When: Saturday, July 5th @ 10am

Location:Town Center, Discovery Building

4) Town Center Tour

The guided tour lasts approximately 45 minutes and covers the Town Center of the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery. The tour is free and open to the public, and no reservation is required. Please meet at the welcome desk on the first floor.

When: Saturday, July 5th @ 11am

Location:Town Center, Discovery Building

5) Exploring Curtis and Teal Pond Wetlands: Arboretum Walk

Join this free naturalist-led hike. See how Arboretum wetlands around Curtis Prairie have been affected by urbanization and ecological restoration and learn about the wildlife habitat they provide.

When: Sunday, July 6th @ 1pm

Location:Visitor Center, UW-Madison Arboretum

6) Peace, Grassroots Empowerment and Sustainable Development

Dr. Vinya Ariyaratne, MD, General Secretary of the Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement is a leading expert in Sri Lanka in the field of community health. His extensive experience in community health and public health in low resource and highly unstable settings transcends crucial areas that need to work together to bring forth a comprehensive understanding of the burden of diseases and establish effective interventions. Sponsored by the Global Health Institute, hosted by Sarvodaya USA.

When: Monday, July 7th @ 5pm

Location: Union South

7) Wednesday Nite @ the Lab

This week's lecture is titled, Unlocking the Secrets of Antarctic Weather and Climate.  Matthew Lazzara, from the Antarctic Meteorological Research Center, will present.

When: Wednesday, July 9th @ 7pm

Location: Room 1111 Genetics-Biotechnology Center Building


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