ALS 500 & 600 ELL #5 (Spring 1)

Welcome to ALS 500 & 600!  You are in the right place if you are looking for your extensive listening opportunities.  If you are not an ALS 500 or 600 student that’s ok – you can still attend these events if you would like.  If you are an ALS 500 or 600 student, you need to attend one of the events from the list below.  After you attend one of these events, write a brief summary and reaction – you can ask your teacher if you have any questions about this.  This is the THIRD Extensive Listening Log opportunity of the session – logs are due next Thursday (February 13th).

1) Weston Roundtable: Globalization is increasingly driving land us changes

Land use change is increasingly associated with commodities for global markets. As developing countries face economic globalization, cropland availability shrinks, and deforestation results. Well-designed policies can reconcile forest preservation with food production. Globalization can increase land use efficiency. Consumers, corporations and civil society are showing growing concern for sustainability and beginning to express preference for goods certified that meet sustainability criteria.  Professor Eric Lambin from Stanford University will lecture.

When: Thursday, February 6th @ 4:15pm

Location: Room 1106 Mechanical Engineering Building

Darwin Day

This year's Darwin Day will explore the evolution of parasites - organisms that have evolved to invade other organisms' bodies.  The events include an exploration of parasites in the movies, three invited speakers, known for their exciting science and ability to engage the public, and a wide array of family-friendly interactive booths presented by members of the UW-Madison science community.

2) Keynote: Invasion of the Parasites - Birds!

As part of annual Darwin Day activities, Chris Balakrishnan (East Carolina University) will introduce us to a surprising group of parasites: birds!

When: Friday, February 7th @ 7pm

Location: De Luca Forum, Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery

3) Tree of Life

Visit the Town Center for family-friendly, interactive science booths.

When: Saturday, February 8th @ 10 am

Location: Town Center, Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery

4) Viruses, Corals, and the Origin of the Immune System

When: Saturday, February 8th @ 2:15pm

Location: De Luca Forum, Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery

5) Denizens of the Deep Revealed: A Global Look at Shark and Ray Tapeworms

When: Saturday, February 8th @ 3:30pm

Location: De Luca Forum, Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery

6) 17th Annual Evening of Storytelling

Welcome to the 2014 Storytelling event hosted by the American Indian Studies Program. The program will be held in Tripp Commons in the Memorial Union at 7pm to 9pm. It is free and open to the public. Please join us for a meaningful night of winter storytelling and experience American Indian oral tradition.  The storytelling will first be done in indigenous languages and then followed by a translation.

When: Friday, February 7th @ 7pm

Location: Tripp Commons, Memorial Union

7) The Wonders of Physics: The Physics of Dimensions

The 31st annual presentation of this popular program for the public features Prof. Clint Sprott and colleagues from the Department of Physics.

When: Saturday, February 8th @ 1, 4 and 7pm

You can also watch this demonstration on Sunday @ 1 or 4pm

Location: Room 2103 Chamberlin Hall

8) Pinterest Party: Make Your Own Strengths and Dreams Charm Bracelet

Local artist Maureen Tillman leads this fun and creative jewelry-making workshop. You’ll create your very own custom charm bracelet that represents your strengths and intentions for the New Year. Leave with a stunning piece that reflects your unique vision and will remind you of the dream you are pursuing in 2014. We’ll provide the supplies - you bring your creativity!

When: Sunday, February 9th @ 12

Location: American Family Insurance Dream Bank (1 N. Pinckney St.)

9) Arboretum Walk: Life in Winter

Join this free naturalist-led hike. What life processes are being carried out despite the layers of snow and ice? What survival strategies do various creatures employ? We’ll see what evidence we can find. Expect snowy trails.

When: Sunday, February 9th @ 1pm

Location: Visitor Center, UW-Madison Arboretum

10) Arboretum Family Walk: Animal Tracks

Free naturalist-led hike designed for families. Animal tracks are easy to spot in the snow and mud. If neither are present, we will look for trails animals make through the vegetation.

When: Sunday, February 9th @ 1:30pm

Location: Visitor Center, UW-Madison Arboretum

11) Art Lecture: The Past as Future in Japanese Contemporary Art

Lecture by John T. Carpenter, Curator of Japanese Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Offered in conjunction with the exhibition "Ikeda Manabu and Tenmyouya Hisashi" on view December 13, 2013 to February 16, 2014, Garfield Gallery

When: Sunday, February 9th @ 2pm

Location: Room L140, Chazen Museum of Art, Conrad A. Elvehjem Building

12) What Does it Mean to Eat Well?

Odessa Piper, founder of Madison's L'Etoile Restaurant, will join a panel of farmers and UW-Madison faculty for a discussion of what it means to eat well. This seminar, sponsored by the Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems, will incorporate perspectives on farming, gastronomy, health, equity and social justice. Piper will be joined by farmers Jim Munsch and Tony Schultz, and UW-Madison faculty members Jonathan Patz and Monica White. This event kicks off the CIAS 25th Anniversary.

When: Wednesday, February 12th

Location: Music Hall

13) Wednesday Nite @ the Lab

Come experience science as exploring the unknown every week at Wednesday Nite @ the Lab. Discover the latest from UW-Madison researchers as they share the saga of their investigations and inventions that are changing how we look at life and how we lead our lives. Join the discussion as learners of all ages explore more and share their ideas, questions and insights.

When: Wednesday, February 12th @ 7pm

Location: Room 1111 Genetics-Biotechnology Center Building

14) Distinguished Lecture Series Presents: Lawrence Krauss

Lawrence Krauss, a theoretical physicist and Director of the Origins Project at the Arizona State University, is the author of several bestselling books, including The Physics of Star Trek and most recently A Universe from Nothing.

When: Wednesday, February 12th @ 7:30pm

Location: Varsity Hall, Union South

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