ALS 500 & 600 ELL #1 (Spring 1)

Welcome to ALS 500 & 600!  You are in the right place if you are looking for your extensive listening opportunities.  If you are not an ALS 500 or 600 student that’s ok – you can still attend these events if you would like.  If you are an ALS 500 or 600 student, you need to attend one of the events from the list below.  After you attend one of these events, write a brief summary and reaction – you can ask your teacher if you have any questions about this.  This is the FIRST Extensive Listening Log opportunity of the session - logs are due next Thursday (January 16th).

REMINDER: Choose a variety of events, don’t just choose the same type of event every week – this will be a part of your ELL grade.

1) Elvis Lives

Up for a little American culture?  Elvis Lives is an unforgettable multi-media and live musical journey across Elvis' life. His iconic style, embraced by many of today's artists, continues to intrigue audiences of all generations. Featuring finalists from Elvis Presley Enterprises' worldwide Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest, as well as a tribute to Ann-Margret, audiences "Can't Help Falling In Love"® with this phenomenal theatrical concert experience.

Note: This is not a free event.  To buy tickets, please go to the Overture Center's website.

When: Friday, January 10th @ 8pm

Location: Overture Center for the Arts

2) PINTEREST Party: Necklace and Jewelry Workshop

Local artist Maureen Tillman leads this fun and creative jewelry-making workshop. You’ll create your very own custom Dream Charm – a stunning piece that reflects your unique vision and will remind you of the dream you are pursuing in 2014. We’ll provide the supplies - you bring your creativity!

Check out their website ( to register for this event.

When: Sunday, January 12 @ noon

Location: One North Pinckney Street (the Dream Bank building on the corner near WESLI)

3) Arboretum Walk: Looking for Animal Signs

Join this free naturalist-led hike. Tracks are not the only thing to look for when searching for animal signs; join the naturalist to learn many ways of finding out what creatures share our world. Wear boots -- trails may be snowy.

When: Sunday, January 12th @ 1pm

Location: Meet at the Visitor Center, UW-Madison Arboretum

4) Arboretum Family Walk: All About Snow

This is another free naturalist-led hike.  Snow comes in many forms, and it is said that no two snowflakes are alike.  Even if there is no snow on the ground (chances are there will be), the naturalist will help families explore the nature of snow.

When: Sunday, January 12th @ 1:30pm

Location:  Meet at the Visitor Center, UW-Madison Arboretum

5) Wisconsin Evening and Executive MBA Programs: Information Session

Are you interested in getting an MBA.  If yes, this is your chance to find out more about the programs the UW has to offer.  You will meet with members of the Wisconsin Evening and Executive MBA admissions team and learn more about their program.s

When: Wednesday, January 15 @ 6pm

Location: Room 2339 Grainger Hall (this is the Business School)

6) Wednesday Nite @ the Lab

Do you want a listening challenge? Attend this lecture!  This talk will be "a fast-paced romp through three-quarters of a century of technological progress, from a blurry image of Felix The Cat (yes, the first recognizable television image ever transmitted) to how the Internet, new forms of transmission and smartphones are changing forever how we consume visual media. And as an added bonus, the speaker will describe and define every different plug and jack on the back of your HDTV."

When: Wednesday, January 15 @ 7pm

Location: Room 1111 Genetics-Biotechnology Center Building

7) TED Talk: Txtng is killing language. JK! & What our language habits reveal

Watch both of these TED talks.  What do you think about what the speakers have to say?  How does this relate to your own life?  How are these lectures related?

Look at the link ( and watch video #2 and #4.

If you're looking for more information about events, please check out teacher Kristin's Pinterest Board!

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