Student Spotlight: Yilda Torres

0 Yilda was a student at WESLI back in 2012 and now she is an undergraduate student at UW-Platteville.  She is studying chemistry (very smart!) full time to earn her Bachelors of Science degree.
University of Wisconsin - Platteville is a public university (the oldest public institution in the state) located in Platteville, Wisconsin.  The school colors - orange & blue - represent the engineering and education programs which are the foundation of the school.   Students love UW-Platteville because they offer large and small classes, and students get a lot of one on one attention.  The campus is fairly small - there are around 8,000 students on campus - so it's easy to find your way around - and it's beautiful and safe!  Here's what Yilda had to say about her time at school:

What do you like about your university?

I can't say that I just like one thing about my University since it has many great things, for example:

  • All the professors are really friendly and even more if they know that you are an international student.
  • Since Platteville is a small city, it is really easy to make friends.
  • In the orientation week, new international students have the opportunity of meeting the other International Students.
  • If you live on campus, there is a big chance that you will live with American students and this fact will help International Students with their English.
  • There are office hours in which students can meet their professors and ask any questions if they have.

There are more things that I really like about my University, but if I write all of them, I would never end!

What are your classes like?DownloadedFile-4

All my classes are really big, what I mean by this is that I have around 60 classmates in every class.  In almost all my classes, the classes are taught through lectures like in Listening and Speaking in WESLI.  I'm taking a lab right now, and I have to work with a partner and this is really nice. In chemistry and math classes, the homework is online, and in Anthropology class we have discussions online, too.

How does life as a college student compare to life as a WESLI student?

I'm really glad with WESLI because I wasn't used to having a lot of homework until I got to WESLI. After studying there, I got used to having a lot of homework almost every day.  Therefore, here in the University it is easy to do my homework since I'm used to. Besides that, WESLI is a small institution in comparison with UWPlatteville where there are thousands of students. I believe if you are a good student at WESLI, you would not have any problem in the University because you would be enough prepared to be in any University.

Do you have any advice for WESLI students who want to go to college?

Well, study hard, and if you think that you are doing it already, study harder.  I would encourage to WESLI students to take the last level (700) because in this level you will learn many important things that you will use once you get to University.

Thanks so much Yilda for sharing your story with us!  Hopefully Yilda will be able to visit WESLI soon!

UW-Platteville has a pretty campus...

Overhead photo of the campus
Overhead photo of the campus
Building on campus
Another beautiful campus building
Another beautiful campus building
Students showing their school spirit!
Students showing their school spirit!

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