Student Spotlight: Austin Tseng

Austin was a student at WESLI back in 2011 and now he is a graduate student at UW-Whitewater.  He is studying operation supply chains for his Masters of Business Administration.  He's taking a number of classes in Accounting and Operations management.
University of Wisconsin - Whitewater is located in Whitewater, Wisconsin and is known for its business and education programs.   Students love UW-Whitewater because they offer small classes and students get a lot of one on one attention.  The campus is fairly small - there are around 11,000 students on campus - so it's easy to find your way around - and it's beautiful and safe!  Here's what he had to say about his time at school:

What do you like to do when you are not studying?

I go to church every Sunday morning and go to gym three or four times a week.

How does life as a college student compare to life as a WESLI student?

The biggest difference is almost my classmates are American even though there are a few international students. Also, some American students speak fast in the class; however, sometimes we cannot receive all information.  In addition, because of graduate program, some academic vocabulary I need to memorize several times.  If I do not, during the class, I can not really understand what professors are talking about.  As a university student, I have to spend much time to study more than at WESLI.  It is tough, but I can improve my skills more.
Photo of the beautiful new 135 feet long waterfall on campus - courtesy of UW - Whitewater University News. This is one of Austin's favorite places on campus.

Do you have any advice for WESLI students who want to go to college?

If someone want to study Whitewater, I think they have to be ready to take this new challenges. Then, to join some groups to make friendship with American or other international students, it's a good way to have a great university life. By the way, buy a car if you can.

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