Teacher Spotlight: Sue Manners

Sue and her sister skiing!

I am pleased to introduce you to Sue Manners - she's in the gorgeous pink coat in the picture on the left.  You might meet Sue on your first day at WESLI, you might talk to her when you need help applying for Universities, or you might see her in class.  She really does it all here at WESLI!  Sue is your 'go-to' lady for all things university.  So, if you need help applying for schools, figuring out which major is right for you, learning more about the WESLI recommendation, or simply finding out more about universities in the US, Sue is the one to talk to!  Here is a little more information about Sue so you can get to know her better.

Where are you from?

I was born in Madison but I have lived in many places throughout my life. I grew up in Milwaukee and went to university in St. Paul. Then my husband and I spent 24 years in Asia - The Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Beijing.

What is your favorite thing to do in Madison?

I love to walk in Madison. There are great paths everywhere and fun little neighborhoods to explore. People are friendly and there are always interesting little stores, coffee shops, and restaurants all over.

Note:  Did you know that Madison has over 120 neighborhoods?!?  Near WESLI you have the Marquette, Tenney-Lapham, Monona Bay and Capitol Neighborhoods.  Many of Madison's neighborhoods have cute little shops and good restaurants/cafes - check them out!

Favorite restaurant in Madison?Unknown

Well...my son, Justin, and former homestay son, Chen, own Jade Mountain Cafe (at the corner of Johnson St. and North St.), so I love to go there and drink the bubble tea and great coffee. They have lots of special snacks and many other interesting drinks, too.

"Jade Mountain Coffee and Tea Company began as simple dream among friends with a passion for quality tea. Fresh loose leaf Taiwanese teas feature distinctive traits that are as exquisite and refined as Taiwanese culture itself.  Techniques passed through generations have perfected Taiwanese teas and brought greatpride to its people."

When you're not at WESLI what do you enjoy doing?

I love spending time with my husband and friends, reading novels, hiking, and exploring interesting places and small towns near Madison.

Note: Check out these towns.

Photo thanks to rockymountainwaterdistillers.com

Mineral Point:  This cute town was settled by miners from Cornwall, England in 1827.  This is what Mineral Point has to say about their town: " A trip to Mineral Point is good for the soul – an escape from the hustle and bustle of crowded cities, a retreat from hectic schedules and busy lives. WisconsinTrails just announced that Mineral Point is the BEST HISTORIC TOWN in Wisconsin."  For more information click here.



Photo thanks to appleholler.com

New Glarus: New Glarus was founded by Swiss settlers in the mid 1800s and is still very Swiss-like.  It is also home to the New Glarus Brewing Company.  Here's what New Glaruss says about their town: "Whether you're visiting New Glarus for a week, a day or just pedaling through, it's easy to see why our Swiss founders chose to settle in the picturesque hills of Green County. More than 150 years later, New Glarus is as beautiful as ever, and we continue to celebrate our rich heritage with attractions sure to delight: festivals, museums, shopping, lodging, dining, plus so much more. The historic Swiss charm of New Glarus awaits you."  For more information click here.

Photo by stargazerherman

Downtown Stoughton:  For something a little closer to Madison you can check out downtown Stoughton.  "Founded in 1847, the City of Stoughton is known for its annual Syttende Mai Celebration in May as well as being the birthplace of the coffee break.  Stoughton also boasts one of the few remaining second story theaters in the Midwest - the beautifully restored Stoughton Opera House.  Located just 15 miles south of Madison, Stoughton is a city not to be missed!"  For more information click here.


Photo thanks to city-data.com

Mount Horeb: Mount Horeb is known as the troll capital of the world!  "Rich in Norwegian history, Mount Horeb features several cultural festivals each year.  Distinctive shops and antique malls, located in authentic restored buildings and Victorian homes, line its historic Main Street. Also located on the Trollway, are quaint eateries featuring homemade entrees and baked goods such as Swedish rye bread, Norwegian lefse and rosettes."  For more information click here.  It's also close to Little NorwayBlue Mounds State Park, and Cave of the Mounds

What is your Favorite Book?

One of my favorite recent books is Among Penguins: A Bird Man In Antarctica, by Noah Strycker.  He had a research grant to study penguins in Antarctica and his experiences were amazing, funny, and very educational.

What inspired you to become a teacher?

I sort of fell into teaching by accident. I was living in The Philippines and the local university needed a teacher very quickly. I was hired and found I loved it! Maybe my favorite thing about teaching is that every day and every class is different because the students in each class are unique and teach me so much! Really, I learn more from the students than they can imagine, and each class helps me to become a better teacher!

Sue and her husband skiing in the Shoshone National Forest

If you need to ask Sue about applying to university or have any other questions you can email her at universities@wesli.com or find her in her office, room LL3.

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